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Tuesday the 16th April found eight divers at Manchester Airport at 04.00am trying to ensure all equipment reached Ibiza safely through the Ryan Air maze of baggage sizes and weight restrictions without paying hundreds of pounds extra. Did all divers manage to get only 15kgs in the hold bags? Don't be silly this is Salford!

Some magic tricks slight of hand etc saw some gear disappear into hand luggage and amazingly we were off!

Met at the airport by Jeff and Theresa from seahorse divers off to a cracking start, it was red hot and a dive on the day we arrived. Gear checked we settled down to a very comfortable routine of breakfast, short walk in the sun to meet the boat, short ride to the dive centre, out dive, back to pick up full cylinders, back out for a second dive, return to centre, boat back to the pier nearest the hotel and a beer in the afternoon sun. (What more could anybody want?)

Stacey managed to possibly set a new club record as a trainee managing to use four different drysuits over nine dives (Don't mention membrane neck seals!) but must be congratulated for passing her Ocean Diver on the trip and impressing Jeff so much allowing her to dive the caverns under supervision a really impressive achievement.

Many thanks to Graham and Bill for ensuring safe diving, Fred for arranging the trip as ever the unsung hero!

Lets get the next one arranged




PS The trip back via Ryan Air was even more of an ordeal for weight and sizing the hand luggage! You might want to ask Stacey and Bill about that one!


Many thanks to Debbie for arranging this trip the weekend before the Ibiza trip. A Sunday dive (07th April) to Capenwray what could be better than to check equipment before the week away?



Despite this hideous water temp Debbie, Nick Fred Matthew & Jan braved the conditions to enter the water with the other heroes using Capenwray.

One free flow, a very disappointed Nick who wanted to get some more hours underwater, and clearly too cold a conditions to achieve very long.

However the Club Diving up and running!

IBIZA here we come 16th April 2013

Well the promised April 2013 dive is now arranged and planned!

eight booked so far, any more to join us? A new diving area for the Club IBIZA! Many thanks to Fred for arranging and as ever taking the time to check out the diving in advance with the Dive Centre.

The diving looks to be agreat mix of reefs, wrecks and caves (fantastic!!) the dives can be viewed on the dive centre website at  http://www.seahorsedivingibiza.com/


Committee meeting Monday agreed we should get our diving calender in order!

I take the criticism!!!! its been a slow start

April (straight after Easter) Capenwray- Graham organising

 May 11th St Abbs Jan organising

May 15th Ocean Diver training starts

June Diving in Wales date to be confirmed (possibly 9/10th)

July looking for an Organiser


September The 'BIG Club' trip 




Red Nose night


Thanks to all those who remembered to bring their red noses along! Some pre-planning might have helped once we found the noses absorbed water became difficult to keep on!

Camera man failed miserably to get some decent shots but attached the usual suspects.

What shall we do next? 

scooter photos


SEE OUR FACE BOOK page for the rest of the photos


Salford BSAC

Underwater Scooters


When I said underwater chariot racing on scooters I did not expect what came next!!!!!!!!!


Photos from the Baths session




Three new members joined the Committee at the AGM   all keen to dive and help with this years diving.

See seperate blog re Committee aims and objectives for 2013/14


Look for Monday nearest the 15th March when we want as many club members as possible to turn up at the pool wearing a red nose!

lets raise some money for charity and get some good photos!

Next event will be chariot racing in the pool using underwater scooters

You really do not want to miss this one!

First weekend after Easter -get the kit wet CAPENWRAY Graham organising

then Fred's trip to SPAIN /GIB places still available

May diving in NORTH WALES probably day trip all welcome

ST ABB's limited space Jan organising

and the Club big one? MALTA currently hot favourite but this could change probably September are you interested or have a better option? let us know


More to follow soon 




Fred is in the process of arranging this first abroad trip of the year so that we can all dust off the kit and throw our selves into the Oggin!


This will be as cheap as we can possibly make it and to book a place all you have to do is cross Fred's hand with £150.00 and you will receive a phone call to confirm if you are available for the dates found. Say 'YES and you are going say 'NO' and you get your money back!


How easy is that! (However time is running out to ensure your place so you have been warned!)


Attend AGM to see what other plans we have for the year 


Annual General Meeting








For which I am looking for content and ideas to make us look even more attractive! and we have a 

TWITTER ACCOUNT SALFORDBSAC (so please follow the club)


Happy to email, snail mail what ever works!!!


See you all soon




Well its the start of the New Year and what resolutions did you make?

Lets hope one was to enjoy this years Diving!!!!!!!!!!

First proposal is for the AGM to be held on the 25th January. I would like to see the Club organised and up and running  right from the start of the year.

I know there will be some Committee places available and if you can spare some time to help the Club I would really appreciate the assistance!

First pool will be 07th January and lets start by using this facility (Please)

Following the pool session I am intending to have a quick meeting about the first dives for the year so if you can attend it would be great to see everybody and lets get organised.


All the very Best



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