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Bill Higgin

It is with great sadness that I write to inform any Club Members who have not heard that Bill died yesterday whilst out on the first Club diving trip of the year at Seahouses.

Our thoughts are with Amy and his family at this incredibly sad time.

Alll who remember Bill will know he had enjoyed his diving for well over 20 years with the Club and missed very few trips.

It goes with out saying that we will all miss him terribly.

Photographic Competition


Now that the Diving season approaches and those brave enough to book their first dive in the North Sea in April (mad! - me included) Perhaps we can think about taking some pictures which are worthy of winning Salford Sub Aqua Club's first photographic competition!

Bill and I have recently been to East Cheshire Club to vote on photos they had taken and we were both very impressed at both the quality and enthusiasm of all the divers who took part.

So why not Salford? We have a club camera just ready for action anybody can borrow and with a few simple lessons you might take the winning photograph and even if you do not win I promise you will have a lot of fun trying!

Mystery Dive

The Mystery dive is likely to be suspended until later in the year for a number of reasons (mainly money! I think for us all!after some long discussions) but watch this space I might just be able to resurrect the mystery site if flights become cheaper! We have some excellent dives already planned but it is always great when somebody suggests a new location or something completely different, so get your thinking caps on and lets see what we can find!


Red sea

Just a quick entry to say many thanks to Bill for successfully arranging one of the Clubs largest outings for many years if not ever!

A week on Blue Fin setting off from Hurgarda turned out to have as much diving as those who travelled wanted! 19 dives in total and included the famous 'Brothers Islands' where the two wrecks are spectacular.

I am hoping Bill will post some photos from his fabulous camera and housing rather than the shots which look great on the underwater compacts until you view them on a computer and swiftly hit the delete key.

The diving was at times challenging with some strong currents and deeper diving for the less experienced to enjoy. all were completed safely and hopefully enjoyed by everybody.

I am sure Graham will have some observations to add once he has time.






Celtic Divers Fishguard


Evening from the grey haired one again! I think another first for a little while a mid week diving trip for two days in Pembrokeshire. Many thanks to the brave nine who made the trip and enjoyed the best Mark and Bob could offer on board Wandrin Star. As ever best laid plans of going out to dive HMS Whirlwind were thwarted by the unseasonal weather. First night in the pub started off well with a 12.00 licence for all to arrive before last orders, although some really got into their drinking!(Gary) Changed plans saw us starting with a drift dive with spectacular life and certainly the biggest crayfish I have ever seen. This was followed by an interesting wreck dive which has featured in Diver.

Mystery Dive for 2010

Who is up for a mystery diving trip for next year?

The idea is that you will have to trust the organiser to spend your money wisely! who will try and come up with a new to this Club dive site! The idea is that I will specify a month when the trip is likely to take place and try and obtain flights (if required) to as near to an agreed date as possible. If some money is paid up front we will hunt around for the best flight deals (if required) to make the trip as cheap as possible! Obviously we already have an idea in mind but where?

Interested to know who is up for this one?

Thoughts so far is a deposit by November 2009 £150.00

Likely dates Late April /early May 2010. (long weekend) with an agreed max cost for diving, transport and accomodation.

Might be dry suits but then again might be wetsuits?


Farne Isles


Grey haired one here again! Many previous trips to the Farnes with countless falling foul to the weather and having to spend many hours in the pub drinking instead! (Could think of worse things!) My thanks to Alan for arranging this one, good accomodation and excellent diving weather for three days! and not one cancelled, six dives unbelievable!

Trip started with a lift from Bill (many thanks!) but an interesting journey as you re-enter from 0-60 in 4 sec's style of driving! A bit quicker than my normal trips! too say the least.

I hear rumours the girls drinking team managed to dent the stocks of the bar at the accomodation on their last night and a ugly rumour one member of the regulars had to be assisted to bed!

Eqipment failure on this trip appears to have just been one cuff seal on Nikki's suit very quickly repaired by Colin who sadly will be working out of Aberdeen for the next few months.

Loch Fyne


News from the grey haired one since no comments on Loch Fyne yet! Many thanks to Colin for organising the weekend the diving and B & B accomodation we all thought excellent! (except Mark and Kat who booked themselves into an impressive hotel!)Shame Malcolm's new boat was not ready as this looks excellent and would have given us more room and shelter as well as enabling us to travel further a field (maybe next time?)

The weather could definately have been kinder with at times heavy rain and some hail on the Saturday to cheer us up!


The rock steady crew in Lanzarote

Thought I would add a few photos from our recent trip to the Atlantic.

For those who have not been, Lanzarote is a great early season dive destination and although we had a massive debate regarding dry suit or wet suit, I am happy to report I have no regrets at taking a dry suit.

Many thanks to Pete for organising and finding such a good base. All inclusive was the way to go! although used by some more than others!!!  Who missed dives?

Comment on the web site progress

Evening Ian shared info with Bill and Graham and very favorable comments on site so far. it looks clean and fresh and impressive in my opinion, easy to use and I like the log in which will assist greatly. I assume if information is put into a search engine the web page containing the information from the search cannot locate member pages (this happened previously)
many thanks Nigel

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