The bad news is that I was approached on Monday night to tell me the Cricket Club want to put our fees up from being members who only use the Club for roughly one and half hours on a Monday night except for the rare lecture nights which increases our usage to 21/2 hours from £160 as members to £800 for forty nights!

I am apalled they will not support us to promote fitness and a sport for all ages and worse still refuse to compromise!

Just when we were getting back on our feet yet another kick in the teeth.

Clearly we cannot afford this hike in fees (we are already well in the red this year already so we are looking for a new meeting place.

Any ideas? Any suggestions?

Roughly two weeks left at Cricket Club so little time to re-arrange.

Cannot describe how disappointed Iam in the Crickets clubs decision In the short term I am thinking we will have to reconvene at the Holts pub on Bury Old Road  WOODTHORPE HOTEL


On a lighter and brighter note Fun in the pool last week revealed what size you have to be to get in Club Wetsuits ! With one or two straining at the seams I hope they act as drysuits tomorrow at Capenwray as I believe the forecast is rain in the morning (Fantastic)

So first outing for some and if you can be there I am sure we manage a pint afterwards to debrief the dives!


Cheers to an enjoyable first dive for our new members!



22-26th January 2015 will be the first Club outing currently proposed to start the year off!


Nine booked already for a long weekend of diving


Fred is organising


Please remember we are using FACEBOOK and TWITTER to advise of up & coming events  


Diving season up and running now with plenty of training dives being carried out at Capenwray. Latest news will be on the FACEBOOK page Salford BSAC0253 and our twitter account.

If you want to know about any dives we also try and email as well so please make sure if you have changed your account we know about it!

The Facebook page has a timeline / calendar so you can see what diving is coming up in the next few months and remember Bill is booking a RED SEA trip for Sept 2015 so looking foward into next year already.

And if anybody had not realised how long this club has been in existence, have a look at some of the old photo's recently placed on the Club Facebook account.

(I suspecy more to come!)


Had a fantastic dive? Then please let us know about it so we can share your experiences and finally

Isle of Man trip 11th July for the lucky 12 who have booked on. 




Croatia -The Trip


Another excellent Club Trip which was brilliantly arranged by Chris. It all ran like clockwork from the taxi collection at the airport to three lovely apartments five minutes from the dive boat for the nine intrepid divers. We forgive for not knowing the bar was only open at weekends next to the dive shop!

The diving was mainly scenic, fantastic vis and diving to 40m for the qualified divers. One outstanding wall in the National Park was very reminiscent of the red sea as it vanished into the depths, and for the Med even shoals of fish were  evident. Plenty of colour in the rocky face as life competes in the nutrient rich water.

A sunken dry dock provided an interesting wreck dive complete with a small yacht sat on the girders which ranged in depths from 25-38m.

Word before the trip was a drysuit was a good idea as average water temp about 20 degrees with a savage thermocline about 30m. Clearly not a problem for the skipper who dived in a vest and shorts! (What were we playing at!)

The weather was kind, the food and cold beers excellent and 12 dives flew by!

Bring on the next trip




Poole Trip


Well another trip in this fantastic UK summer! Travel ling to Poole for a four day trip organised by Kevin (Many Thanks) first hurdle was too meet up in the local pub but nearly a disaster as no pub in walking distance- what would we do! Jump in a cab and find everybody had the same idea. (nothing like good planning by Salford divers and for the first time I can remember late starts because of the tides (fantastic!), made having a beer a good deal more comfortable. Thursday found us in brilliant sunshine and calm seas what a start, a good wreck followed by a scenic reef. That night we were joined by our latest addition to the team Rowan who had to throw himself into the drinking after an exhausting drive. Next day rain and cloud but perfectly good diving conditions. 

The wreck of the weekend the Kyarra was first dive and Rowan's first UK boat/ wreck dive found him teamed with Graham wearing an 18litre cylinder! That opened a few eyes especially with the thought of how he would get back out of the water and up the ladder. However he was never going to beat Fred's backward swallow dive off the top rung in full kit and twin set 10 scores all round. With Alan's dodgy ears we had the best skippers mate in a long time helping with kitting and de-kitting.

If you have seen the mearcat you tube video the cry of Alan was even funnier!

Another reef and then back to Poole for another night on the Quay. A phone call that night put paid to Saturday with a truly dreadful forecast that saw high winds and driving rain all day. This did allow for a couple of extra beers and red wine (which is another story!)

For some Saturday passed in a blur or bed (not sure) especially when they did not even surface for the Fred /Rowan face off in a eat all you can buffet. There was always only going to be one winner -well done Fred! 5 plates to 3 no contest!

Sunday was a far better day one dive on a reef, good vis, a steady current and a complete S*&^* with a reel, and it was all over back to port and homeward bound.

Would we go back






Majorca March 2011


Well Fred did the Club proud with organising a three day diving trip to the top of the Island! I knew we were off to a good start when we were collected from the airport by the Dive Centre who deposited us outside our rather nice hotel on the very front at 12.30pm! Hotel bar was shut but was that a problem? Within minutes a bar had been located, beers bought and 3.00am came and went! leisurely start the following day after knocking up the night porter! took us to the Dive Centre and out for a test dive in quite windy conditions, all OK the visability was excellent 30m+ water a warm 14 degrees in dry suits (except Wayne and the Dive guide) most people were achieving minimum 45 minute dives looking at Octopus, Congars, Caves and Tunnels.

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