diving 22/06/2014

Diving North Wales Dorothea Quarry


With no baths what do you do? 

Offer as much diving as possible and hopefully that is what the club is doing!

Cheers to Graham for another outing following the very successful evening dive in Capenwray earlier in the month.

Many thanks to all who made the journey and managed two dives. Weather was fantastic, hot and sunny with Graham's B-B-Q roaring away bacon and sausage sandwiches for all (very impressive)

Pete and Graham had not forgotten how to find the various attractions iincluding the tunnel and workmans huts.

The only surprise it was 18 degrees on the surface and an amazing 6 degrees at 10 metres and below, it just goes to show why quarries can be so dangerous and you should always carry your thick diving gloves! Expected cold but not that cold.

We also have an early contender for our beloved trophy when after driving all that way discovered they had left a vital piece of kit in the garage! (it helps you get below the surface and hurts if you kick it)


Cheers and see you soon. 

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