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Farne Isles


Grey haired one here again! Many previous trips to the Farnes with countless falling foul to the weather and having to spend many hours in the pub drinking instead! (Could think of worse things!) My thanks to Alan for arranging this one, good accomodation and excellent diving weather for three days! and not one cancelled, six dives unbelievable!

Trip started with a lift from Bill (many thanks!) but an interesting journey as you re-enter from 0-60 in 4 sec's style of driving! A bit quicker than my normal trips! too say the least.

I hear rumours the girls drinking team managed to dent the stocks of the bar at the accomodation on their last night and a ugly rumour one member of the regulars had to be assisted to bed!

Eqipment failure on this trip appears to have just been one cuff seal on Nikki's suit very quickly repaired by Colin who sadly will be working out of Aberdeen for the next few months.

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