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Mystery Dive for 2010

Who is up for a mystery diving trip for next year?

The idea is that you will have to trust the organiser to spend your money wisely! who will try and come up with a new to this Club dive site! The idea is that I will specify a month when the trip is likely to take place and try and obtain flights (if required) to as near to an agreed date as possible. If some money is paid up front we will hunt around for the best flight deals (if required) to make the trip as cheap as possible! Obviously we already have an idea in mind but where?

Interested to know who is up for this one?

Thoughts so far is a deposit by November 2009 £150.00

Likely dates Late April /early May 2010. (long weekend) with an agreed max cost for diving, transport and accomodation.

Might be dry suits but then again might be wetsuits?


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