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Following on from a committee meeting, it is now planned to launch this new website some time in the Autumn.

The current To Do list follows below. Please add a comment if you feel there is anything missed off.

2009 Annual General Meeting

Dear Club Member,

The club AGM will be held on Monday 26 January at 8pm in the Conservative Club. There will be no baths on that night.

I attach the Agenda for the evening and the minutes from the last AGM can be found under  Committee Minutes on the Club Menu.  If you would like to stand for election please obtain a nomination from two paid up members of the club. All the club positions are available for re-election. Proposals for election must be received by me no later than noon on the 25 January. If a position is contested a ballot will be held on the night of the AGM.

Diving Anglesey - Open to all members

Diving Anglesey 9th/10th August:

A dive trip has been planned for the above dates. Contact Jan or Graham for further Info.

Two Dives per day £45.00/day for the boat.
Diving off Scott's boat with lift on the back.
Accommodation, food & travel extra.

Nitrox workshops for Ocean & Sports Diver

We are looking at doing the Nitrox workshops for both OD & SD; we will organise the OD workshop first.

Anyone who wishes to attend please advise; we will gauge the response and sort suitable dates etc. from there.

The details are as follows:

Seasearch North Wales - observer courses in spring 2008

Jan Moore has asked for the following information to be posted:

There have been a lot of requests to run another observer course in the new year. At the moment it looks as though courses will be run in Preston, Deeside and Bangor / Llyn sometime before the end of April. There will only be a dive associated with the Bangor course, which will be opened up to all seasearchers as it is likely to be the first dive of the season for most experienced Seasearchers.

BSAC HQ upgrades telephone system

BSAC HQ has upgraded its telephone system to provide a more efficient customer service to our members. While the central BSAC HQ number - 0151 350 6200 - remains the same, there are some changes to the main departmental numbers:

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