Tuesday the 16th April found eight divers at Manchester Airport at 04.00am trying to ensure all equipment reached Ibiza safely through the Ryan Air maze of baggage sizes and weight restrictions without paying hundreds of pounds extra. Did all divers manage to get only 15kgs in the hold bags? Don't be silly this is Salford!

Some magic tricks slight of hand etc saw some gear disappear into hand luggage and amazingly we were off!

Met at the airport by Jeff and Theresa from seahorse divers off to a cracking start, it was red hot and a dive on the day we arrived. Gear checked we settled down to a very comfortable routine of breakfast, short walk in the sun to meet the boat, short ride to the dive centre, out dive, back to pick up full cylinders, back out for a second dive, return to centre, boat back to the pier nearest the hotel and a beer in the afternoon sun. (What more could anybody want?)

Stacey managed to possibly set a new club record as a trainee managing to use four different drysuits over nine dives (Don't mention membrane neck seals!) but must be congratulated for passing her Ocean Diver on the trip and impressing Jeff so much allowing her to dive the caverns under supervision a really impressive achievement.

Many thanks to Graham and Bill for ensuring safe diving, Fred for arranging the trip as ever the unsung hero!

Lets get the next one arranged




PS The trip back via Ryan Air was even more of an ordeal for weight and sizing the hand luggage! You might want to ask Stacey and Bill about that one!

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