2009 Annual General Meeting

Dear Club Member,

The club AGM will be held on Monday 26 January at 8pm in the Conservative Club. There will be no baths on that night.

I attach the Agenda for the evening and the minutes from the last AGM can be found under  Committee Minutes on the Club Menu.  If you would like to stand for election please obtain a nomination from two paid up members of the club. All the club positions are available for re-election. Proposals for election must be received by me no later than noon on the 25 January. If a position is contested a ballot will be held on the night of the AGM.

If you want to propose an item for discussion at the AGM then please email or telephone me no later than noon on the 25 January. All motions should be seconded by another member.

My contact details are listed on the Members List under the Club Menu.

Best wishes

Catherine Anderson

Club Secretary




8pm Monday 26 January 2009

Conservative Club




  1. Welcome from Chair
  2. Apologies
  3. Minutes of previous AGM
  4. Matters arising from the Minutes
  5. Annual Report  (Chair)
  6. Presentation of Accounts (Treasurer)
  7. Adoption of Accounts
  8. Presentation of awards
  9. Proposal to create new Committee post of Fund Raiser
  10. Election of Committee
  11. Proposal for fees 2009
  12. Motions to be put to the AGM
  13. Any Other Competent Business
  14. Closing remarks