The Big Red Sea Trip

The ‘Best of Wrecks’ with Blue O Two

 Have you seen the Photo’s from Chris? How good are they? Suppose it’s easy when the subject matter is mighty fine.

19 Dives in six days – no mean feat for the Oldies amongst us. Early starts, late finishes & a lack of cheap alcohol made this a tiring trip but worth it.

Lots of scrap metal including the Giannis D, Carnatic, Rosalie Moller, Kingston, Thistlegorm, Dunraven, Numidia, Aida, Salem Express & El Mina with a few reefs & fishes to satisfy all tastes.

Bit of a pain though when the fish get in the way of the wreck, as happened on the Rosalie Moller.


"There's a wreck here Somehere"






The dive guides were not needed for most, only an odd few of our Aquanauts had to be shown where the reef was, and how to follow the line to get back to the boat. I suppose 40 – 50m vis doesn’t matter that much if you are looking the wrong way.

For most the ‘The Brothers’ including the wrecks Aida and Numidia were the highlights of the trip, which funnily enough were where the majority of  ‘indiscretions’ occurred. Whilst I hovered above the back end of the wreck at 40m (the maximum depth according to the Guides) two of our normally reserved Frogmen were spotted ‘Chasing the Dragon’ and having a peek at the prop.

Also disguised amongst the furor of diving it was noted that a prominent member of the group forgot what the ‘out of air’ signal looks like, presuming it was some kind of dodgy Karate chop. Easy mistake, I suppose, when concentrating on your own diving and associated accessories.

                                      "Are you ok? can you breathe?"  


On the odd occasion that minor infringements of Blue O Two protocols, (including depth and Diver tag system violations) were carried out; One of our ‘well spoken’ members brought it to the Guides attention, courting favour, we thought, with the blonde one.  Bloody Nice Bloke.!!!!!!!!

Only a small handful of the 22 strong group developed the ‘Red Sea Revenge’ which did little to curb their diving activities and cut into drinking time, although the words "not again" were heard ringing along the Gangway on a few occassions.

Soooo overall a cracking trip and many thanks to Bill for organising the occasion…..The diving season is not yet in a lull and a trip this weekend 17th 18th Oct to St Abbs is looking like a good one but………….Roll on next Year


If you want a link to the Red Sea Photo's from Chris let me know.



As the race for the broken prop nears it’s end, all points are being totalled including those gained for the hick-up with a Dry Suit zip at Crapenpay last Sunday 11th Oct 

Ooooooooh the air was blue…..just like the Instructors skin due to the cold water.