Capenwray the experience for the new Divers

Firstly many thanks to Graham, Kevin, Jan, Pete, Wayne and Alan for all assisting with the day at Capenwray on the 19th August when we had Adam, Stacey, Matt, Austin and Glenn all in the water! some for first time in open water and two in dry suits which they had not experienced before!

Well done to all the trainee's who carried out two dives and over came all the usual problems this new challenge could throw! Borrowed suits where neck seals do not fully fit, buoyant legs (always enjoyable) in sufficient lead to get down and rumors of one emptying the contents of his cylinder whilst diving with Jan, well a very wise choice to chose Jan as I am sure she had probably only taken 10bar out of her cylinder at this stage! (the woman does not breathe!)

I am sure everybody is now looking looking forward to the next series of dives and to send their thanks to the instructors who made the day so memorable, and to Wayne who provided shore cover and assist with kit etc and I believe provide first aid to two other divers (not ours thankfully) (many thanks)