Celtic Divers Fishguard


Evening from the grey haired one again! I think another first for a little while a mid week diving trip for two days in Pembrokeshire. Many thanks to the brave nine who made the trip and enjoyed the best Mark and Bob could offer on board Wandrin Star. As ever best laid plans of going out to dive HMS Whirlwind were thwarted by the unseasonal weather. First night in the pub started off well with a 12.00 licence for all to arrive before last orders, although some really got into their drinking!(Gary) Changed plans saw us starting with a drift dive with spectacular life and certainly the biggest crayfish I have ever seen. This was followed by an interesting wreck dive which has featured in Diver.

With the windy conditions forecast Mark bravely gave up a night at home to sleep on board Wandrin Star in order for us to achieve four dives. Transferring ashore by small inflatable and then being collected by transit van to get us back to the Dive Centre in torrential rain felt a bit like the old days. The rain battered down all night and the following day the boat had moved further up the coast to try and give us a shot at the 'Lucy', near Skomer. Sadly the sea was too choppy for this one so instead we just had to put up with an old paddle steamer covered in life and provided Phil with something to think about when a conger decided to get friendly with him! Plenty of crabs and lobsters around as well to play with!

The last dive was not undertaken by all (but proved to be an interesting low vis dive on a scenic bottom when crittures just suddenly appear although easier to spot when viewed from behind Bill's camera lights, and then it was all over back ashore by inflatable and collection by transit leaving Mark to contemplate his weekends bookings! All credit he puts himself out for divers to dive! Hope all enjoyed as much as I did for a quick break