Diving Loch Fyne 17th June 2011


well 12 brave souls headed off on Thursday 17th to be in situ for four days diving with Malcolm at Loch Fyne Charters to try out his new boat Big Blue. The start did not look promising a pub which shut at 21.50pm and not enough beds for the number of divers (great!) However problem solved back to our old haunts, drinking to after midnight and one very sore head the next day (who could that of been?)

Malcolm rang to say the weather was not promising but we could get the gear sorted and dive in the Loch.

First dive on a wall, good vis but weather terrible, so much so afternoon dive cancelled, back to the pub then!

Following day smooth seas but again the rain persisted and we had the first jelly fish casualty when Matthew head butted one on the way back to the boat. With Malcolm he always puts his heart and soul into providing a good weekend what ever the conditions and the best diving. Two very good dives with Malcolm doing his best to give us the best and that was how the dives went, Jan decided to have ago at head butting a jellyfish the following day, a great wreck in 37m where we all expected rubbish vis but was not the case at all.

Scallops, crabs cookery lessons and a good laugh, what more can you ask for? Definitely better weather, but I am sure we will be back to try the Islands now accessible with Malcolm's excellent boat.

Did we have a contender for the broken prop? Well somebody did manage to burn not one but two holes in there dry suit!.


Onwards to the next trip!