Diving season up and running now with plenty of training dives being carried out at Capenwray. Latest news will be on the FACEBOOK page Salford BSAC0253 and our twitter account.

If you want to know about any dives we also try and email as well so please make sure if you have changed your account we know about it!

The Facebook page has a timeline / calendar so you can see what diving is coming up in the next few months and remember Bill is booking a RED SEA trip for Sept 2015 so looking foward into next year already.

And if anybody had not realised how long this club has been in existence, have a look at some of the old photo's recently placed on the Club Facebook account.

(I suspecy more to come!)


Had a fantastic dive? Then please let us know about it so we can share your experiences and finally

Isle of Man trip 11th July for the lucky 12 who have booked on.