Membership prices frozen for a further year

Just a quick Hello and time to get ready for the Diving season! The Club has had the Annual General Meeting, elected its Committee and now ready to take on 2012. Firstly membership has been frozen at last years prices making the Club extremely good value. If you are going to join with your son or daughter new price structure in place to make it  half the price to help them get started. We are looking to recruit some new members and arrange a training programme soon. Why not give us a ring and register your interest? Plenty of time to work in the pool now and get ready for those warmer months. Are we going diving this year-absolutely! Kevin is trying to get us started with a few days in Estertit at the end of April, we already have a trip booked to Poole and Scotland but these are just for starters. Lets have some ideas of where and when? We have the pool at Fit City every Monday evening from 08.00 to 09.00 with plenty of space to train safely and get fit Please use it! We have a great room at the Cheetham Cricket Club Catherine Street from 09.00 (or first back from baths) Everybody welcome, come and talk to us tell us what you want, we are a well established dive club with loads of experience and enjoy our diving. We dive and try and fit training around the diving rather than training all the time, this means we try and cater for all skills. Cheers Nigel