Nitrox workshops for Ocean & Sports Diver

We are looking at doing the Nitrox workshops for both OD & SD; we will organise the OD workshop first.

Anyone who wishes to attend please advise; we will gauge the response and sort suitable dates etc. from there.

The details are as follows:

Ocean Diver
The Ocean Diver Nitrox Diver Workshop can be delivered to divers who qualified prior to January 2007 and decide to further their learning to incorporate nitrox training.

Following the workshop Ocean Divers (or similar) will be qualified to use Nitrox 32 and Nitrox 36 for no-stop diving on BSAC '88 tables or air computers.

Sports Diver
The 'Sports Diver Nitrox Workshop' is designed to be delivered to Sports Divers (or recognised equivalents) and above who have either attended the 'Ocean Diver Nitrox Workshop' or hold the BSAC Basic Nitrox certification (or recognised equivalent).

Following the Workshop Sports Divers (or recognised equivalent) will be qualified to use nitrox for decompression diving on the BSAC Nitrox Tables or nitrox computers based on a maximum partial pressure of oxygen (PO2) of 1.4 bar

Graham Smethurst