Photographic Competition

Now that the Diving season approaches and those brave enough to book their first dive in the North Sea in April (mad! - me included) Perhaps we can think about taking some pictures which are worthy of winning Salford Sub Aqua Club's first photographic competition!

Bill and I have recently been to East Cheshire Club to vote on photos they had taken and we were both very impressed at both the quality and enthusiasm of all the divers who took part.

So why not Salford? We have a club camera just ready for action anybody can borrow and with a few simple lessons you might take the winning photograph and even if you do not win I promise you will have a lot of fun trying!

You certainly appreciate how good other photos are as you drop yours in the bin! Anybody who dived Fishguard last year will remember the conditions but Bill has some excellent reminders of that trip on his photographic website at

Bill will I am sure give his expert opinion to anybody who wants to learn and perhaps we can have a few basic lessons in the pool for those who are interested.

I think we will borrow East Cheshire's formula and have the following categories

UK underwater, UK out of water (connected to diving) Abroad underwater and Abroad out of water (connected to diving) If Mark and Catherine get the snorkeling up and running an under 16 best photo for any category and then most importantly funniest photograph and Overall winner.

Please let us know if you think this is a good idea? and will you participate?

Lots of people carry cameras so let us see what we can produce!

My thoughts are for the competition to run until December when we will set the night and ask another Club to judge the photos? If we get enough interest we will draw up some basic rules i.e. you are allowed to submit three entries for each category and perhaps split groups into compact and non-compact which gives everybody a chance.




PS could I have had a chance in one of the categories with this one? You should all come to Malta!