The RescuEAN Pod life-saving aid

We all know providing emergency oxygen has become the standard of practice for treating injured scuba divers - since it provides oxygen to starved tissues and aids in bubble reduction.
It is a well-documented fact in diving accident management that early oxygen administration, after a dive accident may be the most significant factor contributing to success in treating diving injuries.
What you may not know is that less than 50 percent of all injured divers receive any  emergency oxygen in the field. Fewer still receive oxygen concentrations approaching the recommended 100 percent. (source: Aug 2008 - DAN website)
As safety conscious divers, we must all do what we can to better the percentage of injured divers receiving any emergency oxygen, when they most need it.
RescuEAN strongly believe that following the launch of the pod and by making as many of the world’s divers as possible aware of its existence, it could considerably aid and improve the percentage of injured divers receiving appropriate and effective emergency oxygen treatment.