ScubaText service


The club is trialling the ScubaText service.  Follow the link and join Salford SAC in the north west region.

ScubaText is a quick, convenient and easy to use group SMS alert service for Scuba clubs. Furthermore it is free to set up, free to send* and more importantly free for everyone to receive!

This incredible exercise is supported by sponsors, so whilst your members can expect a few additional characters tagged onto each distributed message, you can be safe in the knowledge that they won’t be bombarded with anything else!

"ScubaText is amazing!! Organising dives and other events has never been so easy and efficient. I can relax knowing every single one of our members gets the news at an instant..." Brendon Rowe, Diving Officer - Peninsula Sub Aqua Club

“It wasn’t hard to convince all of our members to be part of a scheme that notifies them of both wet and dry events. Everyone wanted to be involved in the ScubaText scheme and we’ve already noticed increased participation on all of our dives this year…” Jon Dean, Dive Officer – Vale Sub Aqua Club

Setup is simple – you can register your club online at any time through our secure website Through your online account you can invite members to join, amend privacy settings and choose who can send messages within the group. Distributing a message is easy too – which can be done through the website for free or even from your mobile phone (standard network charges apply) from wherever you happen to be!

So visit to get set up, and Tell Everyone!

*Messages sent from the ScubaText website are free, messages sent from mobile phones are subject to your standard network rate.