Well St Abbs in May who would have expected water temp of 6-7 degrees!

A tester on the hands for sure. Excellent Club trip many thanks to Jan for arranging. So many divers we had filled the bunkhouse and two in bed and breakfast at the top of the hill near to the pubs (good planning Kevin!)

Diving in relays everybody had an excellent time despite the cold. Perhaps an early contender for the broken prop award? those of us who braved the weather and decided to stay for the last dive were dropped next to Cathedral rock with instructions to swim around the back of it drop to the seabed and you will two see both arches!

Well nearly all of us folowed the instructions! (Who missed it!?) 

Jan has re-booked to go back in October so if interested let her know and possibly a trip in July to dive Bass Rock.

Matthew is considering diving the Baltic from Poland and we are still looking to firm up a Club dive in September.


Plenty going on so stay in touch