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June 2015 Capenwray 27th June

Quick report, I am sure Wayne checked in from Anchorage (all right for some!) Bill has so many trips abroad booked he could not remember where he was going next, that is how you enjoy your diving with time on your hands!, but for the rest of us Capenwray calls 27th June! Tony in the pool last Monday with a drysuit on looking very impressive and even came out dry(ish) always a good start!
Looking forward to Mike,s return and getting back to training, ( Note to self bring the camera photos required!)
John is joining us as another trainee in the pool  and we have a swimming member.
Plenty attended the cricket club last week in ridiculous weather we should have left in dry suits it was that bad!
Looking to arrange some more lectures so please get involved.
See you soon and lets get diving

June to September Dives

Another Bank Holiday and a missed pool session. Hope everybody is well? Bill asking for the final part of the payment for the red sea so we are getting closer! This also means time to dust off the kit and start thinking seriously about some diving and getting fit for probably three dives a day. Weather has still not been kind wettest May for some years and very windy a bad combination to create poor visibility and no sun to warm the water means a cold start. But as we had not arranged anything what good thinking!! The arrangements start now and although not yet killed in the rush with available dates we can agree on, looking at Plymouth, Weymouth, Cornwall Eyemouth and Anglesey for starters and of course good old Capenwray for training.
Please get down on Monday night and lets put some dates in the diary. 


 Time for this Club to book more trips to add to the calender! The water is starting to finally warm up and hopefully these strong winds will disappear. We are looking for training divers for our new recruits who are progressing well through the pool and lectures. Suggested dates for Capenwray? Who is available please let me know. I have been in contact with a few Dive Centres and the Club has an offer to arrange some diving in Cornwall? Again who is up for a trip which due to the distance would have to be one of our long weekends Thurs-Monday (ish)
A dive boat out of Eyemouth has a good programme of pre-arranged dives and boat capacity for varying numbers so if we are unable to fill a full boat other opportunities beckon! Again I have the list if anybody fancies a change of scenery?
We are in the process of checking Club Kit and before we come knocking can I please ask all new and past members to go through their kit to see if you have borrowed items and not yet returned. It all needs a check and servicing for the season.
And that is my note to finish on. Get your kit out! and see how dive ready it is. When was it last used? When was it last serviced? Better to find out now then get to a dive centre and find they will not fill your bottle as out of test or find the DV you meant to service last year has finally given up!
Well that has never happened has it???


Kevin's Funeral will be at Blackley Crem on Friday 09th January 2015 at 15.00hrs

The Crem is at M9 8JB.



5th JANUARY 2015

I hope as many Club Members and friends of the Club will make it on the evening of the 05th January when fingers crosed the baths will have re-opened for business at our old time of 20.00-21.00hrs!

Following the baths the Cricket Club will be open for our first get together of the New Year. We can raise a glass in memory of Kevin and discuss what he would have wanted- PLENTY OF DIVING! 

In memory of Kevin

Just a few words to say the Club has lost a long term club member on Christmas day. It is difficult to put into words how much we will miss Kevin and his love of diving.

Despite his illness he has managed to continue diving over the last couple of years including a week on the Isle of Man earlier this year, unfortunately his condition worsened very quickly following a heart attack.

When the baths were open always there to support the Club, talk to new people, always enthusiastic with an absolute passion for diving he will be so sadly missed.



Due to the problem with the baths this year we are proposing to use the first Monday of December (1st) to catch up for a beer and a meal in Manchester as we could not agree on available Fridays/ Saturdays.


All welcome!!!!!!!! Current plan is meet in the Moon under Water at 07.30 for 08.00 and then eat at Slug & Lettuce on Deansgate


And then once the Club is fully up & running with baths etc, we will arrange another night out to celebrate.


See you there


22-26th January 2015 will be the first Club outing currently proposed to start the year off!


Nine booked already for a long weekend of diving


Fred is organising


Please remember we are using FACEBOOK and TWITTER to advise of up & coming events  


Many apologies for the lack of content over the last few months!

The Club was dealt a devastating blow when Fit City Salford closed the main pool un-expectedly on the basis of a leak, and since failed to re-open.

For any club the pool is essential and without a training facility we took the decision to believe the pool would re-open the first week in September (how wrong we were!) and as quiet during the summer months proposed to start again from September.

The latest news is that work on the pool has started and should be repaired, re-filled and up & running from January 2015 (probably nine months late)

We are looking forward to being back in business.

Currently Cheetham Cricket Club have also been struggling to open on a Monday night so we are currently meeting in the WOODTHORPE Public House from 09.00 (all welcome)



Diving season up and running now with plenty of training dives being carried out at Capenwray. Latest news will be on the FACEBOOK page Salford BSAC0253 and our twitter account.

If you want to know about any dives we also try and email as well so please make sure if you have changed your account we know about it!

The Facebook page has a timeline / calendar so you can see what diving is coming up in the next few months and remember Bill is booking a RED SEA trip for Sept 2015 so looking foward into next year already.

And if anybody had not realised how long this club has been in existence, have a look at some of the old photo's recently placed on the Club Facebook account.

(I suspecy more to come!)


Had a fantastic dive? Then please let us know about it so we can share your experiences and finally

Isle of Man trip 11th July for the lucky 12 who have booked on. 




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