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Diving North Wales Dorothea Quarry

With no baths what do you do? 

Offer as much diving as possible and hopefully that is what the club is doing!

Cheers to Graham for another outing following the very successful evening dive in Capenwray earlier in the month.

Many thanks to all who made the journey and managed two dives. Weather was fantastic, hot and sunny with Graham's B-B-Q roaring away bacon and sausage sandwiches for all (very impressive)

Pete and Graham had not forgotten how to find the various attractions iincluding the tunnel and workmans huts.

The only surprise it was 18 degrees on the surface and an amazing 6 degrees at 10 metres and below, it just goes to show why quarries can be so dangerous and you should always carry your thick diving gloves! Expected cold but not that cold.

We also have an early contender for our beloved trophy when after driving all that way discovered they had left a vital piece of kit in the garage! (it helps you get below the surface and hurts if you kick it)


Cheers and see you soon. 


Firstly apologies for lack of entries on this site!


Yes we are still a very active dive club despite the set back that the Broughton Pool will be shut until AUGUST 2014 (At Least!)

Basically the Councillors of Salford have being trying to decide if the site was worth repairing and retaining due to its age and now estimated cost of not just fixing the leak but the roof, and that has now only just been agreed to retain the pool and fix all the problems.


As you can imagine if it was not for the Club's long term members continuing to rejoin the Club any Club could go under with such a long period without a training facility.


WELL DONE and thanks to all who have re-joined and agreed to ride the storm- so are we still diving?


Of course we are!!!!!!


Wednesday 11th JUNE CAPENWRAY Evening (meet in carpark at 06.00pm dip and beer).

Sunday 22nd JUNE DOROTHEA QUARRY 9.30am meet at Quarry

11-18th JULY ISLE OF MAN (fully booked)

30th JULY CAPENWRAY EVENING (NAVIGATION EXERCISE) who will get lost? meet in carpark at 6.00pm

10-13th AUGUST GAELIC ROSE LIVE ABOARD OBAN possible places still available

24th AUGUST Shore Dive and BBQ NORTH WALES-Alan Hird Organiser

OCTOBER GIBRALTAR 4-5 days diving shore based in Spain under consideration!

Who would be interested? Nigel 

Thats all for now

Best of Wrecks

2015-09-15 20:15
Red Sea
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Dive trip

Bill is looking at another trip to the Red Sea on the Best of Wrecks Tour.

This proved mighty popular last time and was probably the best diving we have done in this region.

At a cost of £950.00  including all Visas, a Manchester flight and food etc. this will hopefully prove a hit once again.

£100.00 will secure your place. Please contact Bill for details.



The latest news is that the pool will remain shut until the 14th April for repairs.


Please continue to support the Club at this time typically just when we need to start training the baths have done it on us again!!!

If you have any ideas for how we can fill the next few weeks I would be grateful.

Proposing a BIG QUIZ for the 31st March we might as well and see how your mental state is getting on?


Please support





Please note Fit City Salford main pool at Broughton has sprung a leak and will be shut until at least the 17th March 

Please check website for baths before travel as the 17th sounds optimistic!


We will continue to meet at Cheetham  Hill Cricket Club at 09.00pm as usual all welcome



Pool Session

2014-02-17 20:00
2014-02-24 20:00
2014-03-03 20:00
2014-03-10 20:00
2014-03-17 20:00
2014-03-24 20:00
2014-03-31 20:00
Broughton Pool
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Regular Monday Pool Session

Croatia -The Trip

Another excellent Club Trip which was brilliantly arranged by Chris. It all ran like clockwork from the taxi collection at the airport to three lovely apartments five minutes from the dive boat for the nine intrepid divers. We forgive for not knowing the bar was only open at weekends next to the dive shop!

The diving was mainly scenic, fantastic vis and diving to 40m for the qualified divers. One outstanding wall in the National Park was very reminiscent of the red sea as it vanished into the depths, and for the Med even shoals of fish were  evident. Plenty of colour in the rocky face as life competes in the nutrient rich water.

A sunken dry dock provided an interesting wreck dive complete with a small yacht sat on the girders which ranged in depths from 25-38m.

Word before the trip was a drysuit was a good idea as average water temp about 20 degrees with a savage thermocline about 30m. Clearly not a problem for the skipper who dived in a vest and shorts! (What were we playing at!)

The weather was kind, the food and cold beers excellent and 12 dives flew by!

Bring on the next trip




ISLE OF MAN 11th JULY 2014

Up and running for a major trip next year, the Isle of Man last time was a truly excellent trip in 2010 and we as a Club were unable to fill the boat, so this time let us see if we can change that! Mike and his son must be one of the most friendly and helpful skippers you could come across.

Rented accomodation in Port Erin big enough for the whole group and within walking distance of the pubs and restaurants (unless its your Birthday!( Graham! what was that call ('taxi')  and a number of very different dive sites including wrecks and the fastest drift dive through the Calf of Man you could imagine So yet again hand in pockets we are going to have to secure the trip with a £100 deposit and prepare for another to book the ferry, and it will be limited to what Mike's boat is licenced for.

Graham is the organiser for this one.(many thanks as ever)

Well one down any suggestions for other trips?



CROATIA Zadar 23-30thSeptember 2013

Our Organiser for the Croatia trip our man in the sky has sent a photograph to whet our appetite with an aerial  photograph of the area.

The trip is the 23rd September from Liverpool airport for one week until the 30th.

Places still available on this trip which should be relatively cheap whilst air fares remain low. Completely new location for the Club the adriatic! Looking at one website indicates water temps of 21-25 degrees late summer! Mix of scenic and wrecks (probably us lot) and an old town to explore


So if you are interested please let us know soon.



Diving in the UK

Well firstly apologises!

No Blogs for over a month, but is that because we are so busy we have not had time!

Debbie has been extemely busy arranging dives for Nick and anybody who has wanted day dives.

See the Salford Facebook page for photographs and comments.

This month a trip to the farne isles

Training has taken place at both the pool and at the Club and as ever its many thanks to the trainers including Graham and Denis.


Exciting calender starting to appear for the rest of the year and next year so keep visiting this site, or our Facebook page, please join Twitter and nobody can hopefully say they did not know!



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