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Since 1967, we’ve been focused on making peoples’ dreams of diving the oceans come true, by providing first class training in our local pool, on weekend trips and overseas holidays. 

Coral Reef

Diving in the UK is up there with best scuba diving in the world. No, really! It offers the most thrilling, challenging and rewarding diving you are ever likely to come across.


Discover a completely new environment

The UK has a diverse marine environment and more shipwrecks per mile of coastline than anywhere in the world. We have a real divers’ paradise right on our own doorstep. You can dive with seals and basking sharks, explore reefs with their myriad of fish or marvel at ornate soft corals or kelp forests, all within UK waters.

It’s not all about warm water, crystal-clear visibility or sunbathing in the surface interval. It’s about the challenge, the excitement of watching a shadow slowly resolve into a wreck, the pleasure of discovery, and not forgetting… it’s enjoying steaming hot tea and bacon butties like never before.

There are many different reasons why people take up scuba diving. For some, the thrill of experiencing weightlessness and moving in three dimensions is reason enough, but for many there are other reasons; underwater photography, studying marine life, discovering shipwrecks, wreck diving and exploring coral reefs.

Events & Activities

Fish well camouflaged

Salford Sub Aqua Club holidays


Club Holidays

The club is a very active in its diving. In the past few years club members have dived all over Britain from Cornwall to the Orkney’s and around the world in places such as Australia, Red Sea, Maldives, Jamaica, Thailand, Curacao and Bonaire.


Weekly pool sessions


Pool Sessions

Keen to scuba diving but not sure if it’s for you? Then come and try it out in our safe pool environment. Chances are you’ll love it and get the bug!



Weekend trips

If you just can’t find time for a full 1 or 2 week diving holiday but would love to don mask and fins and slip into your wetsuit for a few days of fantastic diving, then a weekend trip may just be the perfect solution. 




For more information why not come along to our swimming pool sessions on Monday Evening from 7pm? Or send us a message and we’ll get back to you!


 learn to dive with a BSAC club

In addition to quality training, you also get…

To mix with adventurous people and go diving with friends

Diving opportunities all year round – in the UK and overseas, you’ve seen it on Blue Planet, now enjoy it yourself

Advance your skills and follow your real interests underwater – photography, biology, archaeology, the next Blue Planet producer?

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Access to club equipment such as compressors, RIBs and dive gear – belong to the largest dive club in the wold belong to BSAC

Access to regionally and nationally organised training events – experience amazing diving opportunities right here in the UK